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In this podcast, Dr. Saffie-Siebert, CEO and founder of Good Science Beauty, will provide important tips for those who seek better results from their beauty products.

It’s all in the method, Dr. Saffie-Siebert states, for the method we use to deliver a skincare product’s active ingredients is perhaps more important than the actual ingredients themselves. Good Science Beauty products utilize their innovative technology to decrease toxicity by control-releasing active ingredients. Dr. Saffie-Siebert’s forward-thinking company produces technology-backed, cosmetic products that help users get results.

The skincare expert provides insight into how a technology-based application method can provide better results with traditional base ingredients like assalicylic acid, and others. Good Science Beauty’s products can deliver essential active ingredients without drying the skin and removing its healthy hydration.

Dr. Saffie-Siebert talks up the big plans they have for exciting future developments in the application of hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, as well as powerful sunscreens for protection from harmful sun, and of course products for rejuvenation and general repair. Dr. Saffie-Siebert and her team want to be the leader in technology and combat common problems pertaining to solubility, stability, and molecular size, and change the way we care for our skin.

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