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In this podcast, Perry Marshall, engineer, marketing expert, and scientific enthusiast, discusses his career, background, and the exciting new Evolution 2.0 Prize.

Marshall is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur. His savvy business knowledge and keen perspective have given the world an advanced system that provides unparalleled marketing concepts to executives, business owners, managers, and marketers, and his 80/20 Sales and Marketing concept, specifically, is a staple in the business way of life.

Marshall enthusiastically explains his Evolution 2.0 Prize, which is the largest “origin of life” prize that exists. The prize brings together multiple scientific fields: chemistry, genomics, and computing. Marshall discusses challenges many scientists face as they attempt to get their findings published, detailing the peer review process and evaluations made.

Marshall states that it was not easy to find the best judges for his Evolution 2.0 Prize because many scientists were wary of signing on. He explains that the scientists that did decide to get involved were typically rock stars of the scientific community, with big reputations that would allow them to dig into more controversial projects. Continuing, Marshall discusses why many scientists don’t share their information and findings with the general public often, at least at the beginning. And Marshall wraps up by discussing how some scientists achieve the mantle of ‘popular scientist,’ such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, etc.

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