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In this powerful podcast, Joshua Perry (, keto consultant, former BMX athlete, coach, and inspirational brain tumor survivor, tells his story and shares information on how he came to be a keto enthusiast.

Perry discusses his life story, from his early high school years to date, and how he found his passion for BMX (bike motocross). Perry explains the life he led back in his competition years, and how it was a constant regular pain, mixed with nausea, and serious vision loss that motivated him to dig into his core health issues. After many visits to the doctor, he eventually was given some bad news: a brain tumor. Perry explains how it went for him, on his path from diagnosis to the surgery.

Perry talks about how he sought to improve his health and general life, after the brain tumor surgery, and how he discovered keto and all its many potential benefits for health. He discusses pain meds, and why he never wanted to be hooked on that sort of medical pathway, and how diet and nutrition are his main means to good health.

Perry has clients from many countries all over the world and he works with them in a deeply communicative, results-oriented program to help increase their cognitive function, quality of life, and to maximize their performance and health.

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