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“Great sleep is available for all of us…this is not some great disease that we need to treat with medicine or with some sort of special device; sleep is an innate ability that we all have…and it’s still perfect in every single one of us, and as the years go on I become more and more convinced of this: no one is broken, no one has a disease; all they have is some unhelpful thinking and unhelpful habits that are getting in the way of letting that natural ability to sleep come out and show itself,” says Sasha Stephens, author of The Effortless Sleep Method: The Incredible New Cure for Insomnia and Chronic Sleep Problems and creator of Sleep for Life, a five-part insomnia cure program that’s helping people all over the world deal with serious sleep problems.

Sasha joins the conversation to share her personal history with sleep and what led her to this field, what she’s learned in helping people who have suffered from insomnia and sleep problems for decades, tips for establishing the right circumstances for sleep, and perhaps most importantly, the power of thinking in the reinforcement and elimination of insomnia. “The main crux of my advice is in changing the way that you think about this problem,” she says.

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