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Before becoming a full-time and successful writer, Som Bathla worked as a corporate lawyer for 17 years. Realizing it was time for a change, he set his sights on a new goal and began figuring out what it would take to get there. He did the same thing just a couple of years ago when he decided to do something about the fact that he was overweight: he began by making a decision to run 10 kilometers within 12 weeks, and then started figuring out how much preparation he would need to do, how he’d need to change his daily routine, and how he’d need to change his diet. Perhaps most importantly, he had to remain disciplined, and strike a balance between preparation and recuperation.

Bathla joins the podcast to discuss the main themes of his book, The Science of High Performance: Develop Mental Toughness, Boost Willpower, Master New Skills, and Achieve Your Goals Faster and offer the audience insight on his personal journey, the challenges he’s faced, and how he’s overcome the greatest obstacles. He also discusses the psychological concept of “flow” and the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic value.

Tune in for some inspiration and check out his book on Amazon.

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