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In this thought-provoking podcast, Katherine Brown, holistic health coach and founder of the popular website, Just Bein’ Honest (, discusses the many ways we can take charge of our mental and physical health to improve our lives dramatically.

Brown is passionate about health. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic diseases and/or daily pain, and they are simply unaware that their own patterns, lifestyles, nutrition, and behaviors are causing poor health. But the good news is, for most people, changes can bring improvement. Brown’s mission is to help people restore their gut health so they can mentally and physically perform better.

Brown talks about her passion for bringing good health to everyone. She focuses on helping others reshape their bodies and minds to improve health. Brown talks about the troublesome neurological issues she experienced when she was younger.

As Brown states, mental awareness must be dealt with first, and thinking about how we talk to ourselves is critical, and only after making improvements in mental awareness does she move on to body awareness, exercise, posture, etc.

Brown is on a dedicated mission to truly inspire people to enhance their own health and well being and reach higher levels mentally and physically than they ever dreamed possible.

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