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In this podcast, Orbit Genomics’ President & CEO, Dede Willis, and the Chief Scientific Officer, Harold “Skip” Garner, talk about their innovative work and research in genomics.

Willis is a 25-year veteran of international business. Garner is the scientific mind behind the creation of Orbit Genomics’ platform technology. Together they have launched Orbit Genomics, a forward-thinking scientific research company.

Garner & Willis discuss Orbit Genomics, and their backgrounds. Garner recounts some of his past work with the human genome. He leads us through an engaging discussion on the importance of microsatellites, and how they are the ‘tuning knobs’ that allow for control of diseases and traits. Microsatellites can be effective as markers in the study of disease,
aging, and overall health.

Garner talks about his research with dog traits and explains how microsatellites may be key factors in human morphology, the ability to fight disease, and so much more. The Chief Scientific Officer talks about their published research, and he provides further information on how microsatellites function, including the ways in which the human genome is
impacted. Garner discusses longevity and genetic variance in regard to inheritance and the environment.

Willis provides specific information on their genomics studies. She discusses a particular study that demonstrated how genomes change over time. Going further she elaborates on how we are born with certain risks to disease, etc., but that our lifestyle could play a role in making changes to the genome.

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