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In this podcast, Joshua Neilly, the Chief Growth Officer of CannabisMD (, talks frankly about CBD, cannabis, and society’s changing views toward both.

Neilly discusses their interesting company name, and their decision to utilize the “MD” element within it. He talks about a few of the seasoned executives that they have added to their company’s roster, people who bring an unquestionable legitimacy to all the issues they cover. Neilly explains how their vision is different from the ‘smoke-oriented’ websites that provide information on CBD (cannabidiol), and other cannabis issues. Neilly explains that with the launch of CannabisMD they have expanded cannabis information for a truly global audience, and in a form that rises to the level of major publications in the media stream—creating what the market needs just as much as what the market wants.

Neilly talks about CBD acceptance in the public and contrasts that against the general acceptance of cannabis. Many people are now using CBD and the numbers are undeniable. With so many potential benefits, more and more people will soon be turning to CBD for solutions to their medical issues. And in Neilly’s eyes, he envisions a future society that will come to treat it like amino acid, something that can offer many health benefits. Neilly shares his ideas about the industry. He discusses THC and how CBD tends to eliminate the negative aspects people associate with THC, such as drowsiness, paranoia, and anxiety.

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