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If a gene editing technique could be utilized to knock out genes known to cause life-threatening diseases, would you find yourself facing a moral dilemma, wondering if it was the right thing to do? What if a gene editing technique could be utilized to design a baby to have green eyes and black hair, or superior intelligence? For many people, the first question poses only a small or no moral dilemma at all, while the second may present them with a much more significant one.

As the head of the division of medical ethics at the New York University School of Medicine in New York City, Arthur Caplan has been involved in the field of bioethics for many years, but only in more recent years has he been faced with a need to consider these questions. In addition to exploring the bioethics of genetic engineering, he discusses his perspective on vaccines, issues concerning the control and protection of genetic information, and health care costs.

Tune in for all the details and find him on Twitter at @ArthurCaplan.

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