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In this interesting podcast, Cassie Bjork, celebrated weight loss expert, founder of Cassie.Net, and sought-after speaker, provides valuable information on weight loss and the healthy, whole foods we should be eating.

Bjork is a weight-loss advocate and a major voice in the natural health field. She is the noted author of the bestseller, Why Am I Still Fat? The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss. Bjork opens the podcast by talking about her background, as a dietician, and as someone who struggled with her own weight for years. She followed strict diets, exercised intensely, and devoted herself to health, but in spite of her hard work, she couldn’t lose weight. Frustrated by the lack of results, she tossed aside much of what she had been reading and started eating—healthy whole foods, such as real butter, nuts, even bacon. And once she made the switch to healthy whole foods, and tossed aside all the ‘low fat’ foods that are constantly marketed to us, she began to see real results. She felt better, had more energy, and was losing weight as her body began burning healthy fats for energy.

Bjork talks about the importance of eating unprocessed foods, and she states that stress related to one’s desire to lose weight can really make losing weight that much harder. Life is a balance, and we need to remember to enjoy life, and our foods. She underscores that it’s really not just about food and exercise; there’s much more to the equation. Bjork discusses chronic inflammation and how eating poor foods and experiencing stress can exacerbate it.

She explains how metabolism burns excess weight, and how good metabolism is stimulated by eating quality foods, including healthy fats. Bjork states, “Fat doesn’t make you fat,” as she relates how good fats such as real butter, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, olives, and olive oil do so much to support a solid, healthy metabolism, which of course helps the body burn fat for energy and improves brain function. Bjork talks about cravings, sugars, and alcohol, and she explains the phases of achieving a healthier lifestyle and diet, as it relates to her program. Wrapping up, she talks about supplements for good health. And she details some of the marketing that we’ve all been subjected to for our whole lives that has at times advocated a less than a healthy way of eating.

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