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In this podcast Ardy Arianpour, co-founder and CEO at Seqster, a consumer driven healthcare technology platform, discusses important tech advances in the healthcare industry.

Technology is clearly changing how we live, communicate, and interact with products, as well as how we organize our information. Today, AI-based tech can be utilized to aggregate electronic health data, genomics, and fitness records. Medical records, specifically, seem to always be scattered and seemingly never efficiently organized. Seqster’s innovative platform steps in to solve this problem. Their unique, forward-thinking platform allows consumers to gain access to their own medical records as well as fitness data, and keep it consolidated for efficient review and control. Arianpour discusses how the platform allows family members to have access to health records and progress, and doctors can easily access your current and vital health information, which is better for overall health management.

Arianpour is a successful, established genomics executive and entrepreneur in the biotech industry. He holds a BS in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine and an MBA from Marshall Goldsmith School of Management.

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