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Dr. Abramson details his successful findings:

• He describes how the jaw, ears, face, and head experience pain for interrelated reasons and how his TMJ treatments manage those reasons.
• Why myofascial massage therapy and an innovative splint allows the jaw to relax into its natural position that relieves pressure.
• Why Dr. Abramson’s distinctive invention, the Oasys appliance, is exceptional because of its capacity to ensure nasal breathing and thereby provide effective sleep apnea treatment.

Dr. Mark Abramson is sleep apnea and TMJ specialist in Northern California. When he experienced a car accident as a young teenager, he solidified his desire to meet the healing needs of the body as a whole. Over forty years later, he has honed a treatment platform that connects multiple components of mindfulness in healing.

In this podcast, he discusses the interrelated paths two main centers of growth, the mouth and jaw, tip the balance in various directions that cause pain. Variables such as whether we are mouth breathers, to what extent and how our tongue grows, and if we’ve had orthodontics can cause various levels of TMJ pain or how we may experience sleep apnea.

Dr. Abramson details the ways the medical system makes these discoveries difficult—the elimination trend leads to patients taking numerous tests before seeking dentistry and TMJ treatments or sleep apnea treatment. Primary and referred pain can make determine the cause confusing, and patients may not know which direction to turn.

When these patients finally see Dr. Abramson, he’s able to use his understanding of jaw, neck, and head growth and muscular interaction to offer treatments such as TMJ splints and sleep apnea appliances as well as hands-on manipulation.

For more information, see Dr. Abramson’s office web site:
For information on practitioners that use his Oasys system, see:

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