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In this episode, Dr. Howard Hindin, DDS, co-founder and chairman of the Foundation for Airway Health and a partner and founder of the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD), talks to us about the importance of collaborative healthcare. He states that many chronic diseases can be prevented and even reversed through a collaborative approach. Dr. Hindin is especially interested in collaborative care as it pertains to airway health. As he emphasizes, there is no physiological need greater than to breathe; we can go days without food or water, but we cannot survive more than a few minutes without air. Listen in to hear from Dr. Hindin as he discusses the role of dentistry in whole body health and cites specific examples of successes in collaborative care.

You can learn more about his organizations at and and don’t forget that October 2 is Global Airway Health Day!

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