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In this podcast, Charlie Bailes, the Founder, and CEO of CB Supplements discuss his family’s personal journey toward better health, and the launch of his supplement company, CB Supplements.

Bailes discusses his personal health story and his intense concern over his daughter’s failing health that led him to research diet and eventually launch his groundbreaking company. He talks about his daughter’s many childhood illnesses, and their heartbreaking experience watching her suffer. Bailes remarks that after innumerable visits to asthma physicians, pediatricians, and even multiple emergency room visits, he knew there had to be another, a better option, to improve his sick daughter’s health problems.

After digesting over a hundred books by important medical doctors, on various topics, he came to the conclusion that a connection between health and diet was undeniable. Through his own personal dietary experiments he discovered a path to better health, and he then immediately introduced significant dietary changes into his daughter’s diet, which impacted her greatly, and to their delight, her health began improving dramatically.

Bailes credits collagen as one of the factors in his daughter’s health improvements, as well as his own. Collagen, in Bailes’ opinion, is the food group within our daily diet that needs to get more attention, for he believes it holds equal importance to other necessary elements such as carbs, fats, and proteins. Collagen is in our skin, nails, hair, muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels, and digestive system, so clearly—the body needs it.

Bailes discusses CB Supplements. He explains how bone broth is a key factor as well, as he discusses his supplement line. Diet is important for metabolic health and a poor diet is responsible for many medical problems and conditions. Bailes talks in detail about how collagen intake has helped him feel better overall, and how he no longer experiences nagging daily pain.

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