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In this podcast, Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC, psychologist, and noted author, discusses her work helping people repair their most important relationships, and restore happiness and purpose to their lives.

Rapini is a very established, prominent psychotherapist who specializes in the intimacy and sexual issues that affect our relationships. She is a sought-after lecturer, author, and television personality who knows how to get a relationship back on track and her advice and written work has been featured on countless shows and in various media.

Rapini discusses her work with couples and individual people who are dealing with challenging sexual issues, both physical and emotional. She explains how therapy is often the answer, and how taking a pill often isn’t. Some people need true therapy to help them deal with their emotional issues, and the stressors that can easily promote raw feelings of anger and even depression.

Rapini talks about the importance of emotional maturity in a marriage, and she outlines some of the reasons particular types of marriages have difficulty finding their comfort zone. Rapini discusses cognitive behavioral therapy and she gives an overview of the many social problems that cause us to have emotional issues. She speaks of a curiosity, and a need for
change, that is necessary in order for one to have a success in therapy—and self-awareness is a key factor for success as well.

The psychotherapist details some of the factors in a healthy relationship, and notes the importance of communicating with your partner. And Rapini explains how important it is to share, maintain balance, and accommodate for your partner when you’re working to build a healthy relationship.

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