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In this podcast, Dr. Eva Detko, Ph.D., natural health specialist, discusses her nearly two decades of work studying and treating medical problems that have physiological and psychological/emotional elements.

Dr. Detko has immersed herself in the study and treatment of complex medical conditions. She utilizes a balanced approach that incorporates multiple methods, from psychology and hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Havening Techniques, and NLP, as well as nutritional therapy.

The Ph.D. discusses how her own medical history motivated her to help others with their medical issues. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and fibromyalgia, Dr. Detko knew that she would have to find her own way back to optimum health, as she was not satisfied with the traditional medical options she was offered. Detko integrated nutrition and biochemistry, psychology and psychotherapy, and plant medicine in an effort to heal herself. Through her study and experimentation, she was able to find her way back to good health and she now shares this knowledge with her patients who are suffering from complex medical problems.

Dr. Detko talks about nutrition. She explains how our bodies have to deal with excessive toxicity in the environment, and she offers that many people could be suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity and exposure to toxic metals. Dr. Detko discusses water purity issues and explains why water filters for your home are so important. Continuing, she provides valuable information on the negative aspects of various cosmetics, deodorants, and creams that we use on our skin.

Medical issues that have both physiological and psychological/emotional elements can be tricky to diagnose, but with the right practitioner, treatment, and actions, many people can find relief.

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