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In this podcast, Allison Berke, respected academic advisor to The Good Food Institute, talks about clean meat and the future of our food supply.

The Good Food Institute is a non-profit organization primarily focused on easing the necessary transition from factory-farmed animal products to better-for-the-planet plant-based and clean meat alternatives. Remarkably, Berke states that lab scientists can create meat products that are identical molecularly to actual animal meat. However the similarity ends there in terms of the impact on the environment as clean meat is environmentally sound and of course doesn’t require animals to be harvested. And the benefits are enormous in terms of human health, world poverty, and efficiency.

Berke talks in detail about the many benefits of clean meat. She explains how scientific solutions to global issues such as these are solving multiple problems at a time, by creating a clean meat source that can allow us to grow many more calories for human consumption on the same area of land used for traditional animal-based meat production. She discusses this growing industry and talks about how big farm corporations such as Tyson are getting into the mix, which will hopefully help to create a massive paradigm shift in the way we think about our food sources and how they are produced.

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