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In this podcast, Dr. James Hickman, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Hesperos, talks about his groundbreaking work designing unique, tailored systems to model diseases and test drugs.

Dr. Hickman and company partner, CEO, Michael L. Shuler, Ph.D. combined their skills and research and formed Hesperos. Dr. Hickman explains how his functional in vitro systems merged well with Shuler’s multi-organ metabolic systems. The Ph.D. talks in depth about how Hesperos creates functioning models and multi-organ systems to identify first-in-class drugs and advance the progression for specialty medicines designed to combat various diseases, including rare, less understood diseases.

Dr. Hickman goes on to detail the processes involved in their work, touching on topics such as in vivo tissue engineering, clinical trials, and advanced modeling. And in regard to rare diseases, Dr. Hickman states that their platform is especially well suited, as they are able to build specialized systems that can produce various characteristics of a disease, thus allowing them to show how the disease can be managed or reversed. Further, Dr. Hickman discusses some of the specific models they have been asked to build, and how their platform lends itself to customization.

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