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In this interesting podcast, Katelyn Parsons, holistic health coach (, discusses her work with clients, helping them achieve their goals and find a healthy path.

Katelyn talks about her personal background and the struggles she dealt with as a young girl then on into her 20s, feeling bad about her body and trying to lose weight, that ultimately led to a devastating long-term bout with bulimia. After hitting rock bottom, Katelyn reached out for help from family and friends and sought the treatment she needed to make her way back to a healthy body and mind. She immersed herself in the study of nutrition and reworked her lifestyle, which resulted in transformational changes. Finding her own success, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others with their struggles and challenges, sharing the knowledge she had accumulated throughout a decade of study, research, and the rebooting of her own life.

Katelyn shares her thoughts on food and lifestyle, and she lays out her approach to holistic health coaching. She doesn’t take on many clients at a time because she wants to make sure that she can provide each and every client with knowledge that can empower them to make truly transformational changes.

The holistic health coach discusses nutrition and lifestyle and goes into detail about internal health, detoxification, and ‘plate building’ (which is a means of selecting healthy foods that will lead you toward your goals, not away from them). Additionally, the holistic expert discusses food cravings, the power of healthy fats, and other nutritional issues including how foods impact our bodies.

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