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“Did you squeeze your butt today?” Shawn Faver says that for many who experience lower back pain, it may be a matter of gluteal engagement. Faver is an advanced posture therapist and has seen a lot of chronic issues that he can pin on dysfunctional movement patterns and poor posture. Faver got his start in the healthcare industry as a nursing student, where he found himself disappointed that hospitals focus on managing chronic problems, not solving them. Faver left the nursing program to become a personal trainer and study kinesiology. He has since made it his mission to learn as much as he can about the human body in order to help people feel their best.

Faver states that the human body is intelligent; it adapts to everything it is used for on a regular basis, for better or for worse. Posture therapy reminds the body of its intended function and encourages us to move our bodies in a more functional and healthy way. It may seem overwhelming or difficult, but Faver says that once you have it as a practice, it is really easy to manage.

Listen in to hear tips and tricks to work towards better posture today, including exercises, adaptations, and even the kind of shoes he recommends! For more information, go to

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