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In this interesting podcast, Jack Rubinstein, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, provides an overview of some of the challenges and serious problems in our healthcare system.

Dr. Rubinstein discusses the themes in his medical thriller, The Perfect Dose. The book’s characters provide a glimpse into the many real problems that are plaguing our healthcare system, such as corruption. Dr. Rubinstein provides the example of disgraced hedge fund manager, Martin Shkreli, who began making national news when he raised the price of a drug by 5,000% to maximize profits. Dr. Rubinstein explains the curious loop of profits in the drug development industry. As he states, many drugs are actually funded by taxpayers in the development stage, developed by academic researchers in the lab and funded by NIH grants with tax dollars.

Dr. Rubinstein outlines how certain drugs especially designated for one medical condition can sometimes be repurposed for cardiovascular issues. Off-label drugs are becoming more common in treatment he says, and he hopes to see them utilized more extensively in areas of medicine where new treatment ideas are needed. Additionally, Dr. Rubinstein talks about how doctors proceed when asked to treat other doctors or their family members.

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